Touching Feces in Dreams Meaning: Spiritual Symbolism Explored

Have you ever had an unsettling dream where you touched or came into contact with feces? If so, you may be wondering what deeper meaning or symbolism this disturbing dream image could represent. Dreams about feces often spark feelings of disgust when we wake up. However, examining the context and emotions evoked by the dream can provide insight into the metaphors related to the human psyche and spirit.

Here’s a quick interpretation:

Dreaming about touching feces represents confronting parts of yourself or your life you find distasteful or shameful for inner growth. It symbolizes the need for psychological, emotional, or spiritual cleansing to process repressed issues. By integrating the metaphorical mess life presents, you open space for healing catharsis and evolution of consciousness over time.

Decoding the Symbolism

In many cultures and spiritual traditions, excrement represents purification and letting go. According to psychoanalytic theory, feces symbolize aspects of oneself that one finds repulsive or shameful. Dream interpreters tend to see excrement as a sign that some sort of psychological or spiritual cleansing is called for. Essentially, the unconscious mind is bringing forth something that you need to process and release.

Carl Jung referred to this as the “shadow” -parts of ourselves that we suppress or deny. Encountering the shadow in our dreams, however disturbing, allows us to integrate that which we have previously rejected. By touching feces within a dream, you may be forced to confront and make peace with the messy, mucky aspects that you have tried to bury inside.

Common Interpretations and Metaphors

Beyond general notions of purification and shadow work, the specific meaning behind dreaming about feces can vary greatly depending on the details and context of the dream. Here are some common interpretations:

  • Letting go of shame or guilt. Are you carrying emotional baggage related to an embarrassment, failure, or moral mistake from your past? Touching poop in a dream may represent facing or releasing these feelings.
  • Facing your flaws or darkness. Do you fear that there are unethical, distasteful, or disgusting parts of yourself that you don’t want to acknowledge? This dream could indicate it is time to integrate and accept the entirety of who you are with radical self-love and compassion.
  • Releasing attachments. Perhaps you have been clinging too tightly to certain desires, relationships, identities or material possessions. A dream of touching feces can signify freeing yourself from things that no longer serve your highest good.
  • Navigating major life transitions. Moving through different phases of life often requires leaving things behind and enduring a messy liminal period before rebirth or taking on a new role in life. This dream may reflect that transition process.
  • Letting ideas or situations unfold. When we try to control outcomes too rigidly, things often backfire. Touching poop in a dream could represent the need to step back and allow things to develop organically without trying to manipulate every detail.
  • Growth from adversity. Dreams have a way of exaggerating anxieties and exposing us to things that feel threatening. However, facing challenges is how we learn and evolve. This dream may emphasize not letting fear hold you back from uncomfortable yet necessary growth experiences.

Additional Dream Elements to Consider

  • Amount or consistency of feces. A small, solid stool could indicate you just need to let go of a minor issue, impactful yet finite habit or attitude. Large, overwhelming amounts of diarrhea may represent an urgent need for radical inner purging and reorienting.
  • Get feces on hands vs. directly in contact. If you simply get a spot of poop on your hands, the dream may symbolize that while you need to acknowledge the ugly parts of life, you don’t need to immerse yourself in negativity. Feces directly contacting multiple parts of your body could show a need for deep cleansing inside and out.

Here is a table with some additional example dream scenarios involving feces and possible interpretations:

Dream ScenarioPossible Interpretations
Playing with animal feces– Reconnecting with your primal nature or animal instincts
Stepping barefoot in feces– Fully immersing yourself in shadow integration
Trying unsuccessfully to avoid feces– Cannot escape or deny unpleasant parts of life
Observing your own feces– Taking time for inner reflection to know yourself deeply
Poking feces with a stick– Investigating issues from a safe distance

The details surrounding encountering excrement in a dream offer clues about where to focus the purging or releasing process when interpreting the symbolism. Consider how you feel upon waking up and whether any conflicts, limiting beliefs, or fears feel ready to be cleansed from your psyche and spirit.

Integrating the Insight

While no one necessarily wants to dream about touching poop, allowing yourself to explore and release the symbolic meaning behind this vision can provide healing. By leaning into the metaphors stirred up by dreaming about feces, you make space for catharsis and spiritual evolution that can improve mental, emotional and even physical wellbeing over time.

Rather than judging the dream as weird or embarrassing, recognize that your brilliant unconscious offered an opportunity to grow. Take time for journaling, self-inquiry, or discussing it with someone you trust. Allow yourself to be humbled and changed for the better by fully integrating the dream’s message about what wants to be seen, embraced and released at this phase of your journey. With openness, even visions involving taboos like feces contain profound transformational potential.


1. I dreamed about playing with poop. What does that mean?

If you dreamed of playing with or touching animal feces, this may symbolize reconnecting with your primal instincts or animal nature. Consider if you have been feeling too constrained by society’s rules and need to get in touch with your raw impulses and spontaneity.

2. I accidentally stepped in dog poop in my dream. Now what?

Stepping barefoot into feces in a dream often represents fully immersing yourself in shadow integration or facing unpleasant parts of life that you have avoided. This dream signals it is time to acknowledge and work through lingering issues or fears holding you back.

3. Why would I dream of touching poop if I’m not a gross person?

Dreaming of taboos like feces does not mean you are somehow deviant or unethical. In fact, this vision highlights your wholeness – we all have so-called “dark” aspects as part of being human. By accepting the presence of poop in your dreamscape, you open the door to self-love, healing and a more authentic life.

4. I tried not to step in poop in my dream but couldn’t avoid it. What gives?

If you unsuccessfully tried to avoid contacting feces in your dream, this conveys that you cannot escape or deny the messier parts of life. Something needs to shift in your attitudes, habits or environment, and your unconscious is insisting you pay attention and take action. Ask yourself where you have been resisting change.

5. Why did I dream about looking closely at my own poop?

Dreaming of observing your own feces highlights the need for deep inner reflection to honestly know yourself – warts and all. Examining excrement in a dream invites you to open to self-inquiry and analysis to embrace self-awareness and continual growth. This dream is a call to get intimate with all facets of who you are.

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