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Have you ever felt nauseous or thrown up for no apparent reason? You’re not alone. While nausea and vomiting often have physical causes like viruses or motion sickness, they can also have a deeper spiritual meaning.

Here’s a quick interpretation:

Nausea and vomiting often signify a subconscious desire to reject or expel something from your life that no longer serves you or causes you distress – whether that’s a situation, person, emotions, fears, or even a part of your identity. Tuning into your intuition can reveal what specifically your soul is urging you to release so you can heal and move forward.

Understanding the Mind-Body Connection

Before we dive into the metaphysical reasons behind nausea and vomiting, it’s important to understand the mind-body connection. Science tells us our thoughts and emotions don’t just live in our heads – they also manifest physically in our body.

When you’re anxious or stressed, you might feel tightness in your chest or upset stomach. Extreme grief can literally “break” someone’s heart. This happens because the mind and body are intimately linked.

The spiritual view takes this concept one step further. It tells us that everything begins in the unseen world of thoughts and emotions before materializing into physical reality.

So if you’re experiencing nausea or throwing up out of the blue, your body could be communicating deeper issues needing to be addressed. Let’s explore some of the potential spiritual meanings.

Signs of Rejection and Revulsion

Nausea and vomiting often represent a desire to reject or expel something from your life:

  • Difficult emotions
  • Unhealthy beliefs
  • Toxic people
  • Negative situations
  • Even parts of yourself or your identity

On a subconscious level, you’re likely feeling a sense of disgust, revulsion, or utter sickening regarding something in your world.

Maybe you recently discovered upsetting information about a person close to you. Or you realized – despite trying to pretend otherwise – that you hate your job. You want to vomit the situation right out of your existence!

Tapping Into Your Intuition

When nausea or vomiting arises suddenly, tune into your intuition and ask:

  • What am I trying to reject or release right now?
  • What do I feel revulsion toward?
  • What is making me feel sick inside?

See what surfaces. Then you can take steps to address the underlying issue directly.

Motion Sickness and Control Issues

Have you ever felt terribly nauseous while riding in a car, boat, plane, or amusement park ride? Then you know the torment of motion sickness.

Yet motion sickness doesn’t just happen randomly. According to spiritual teachings, it surfaces when you feel:

  • Out of control
  • Unsafe in your surroundings
  • The need to escape

In those moments, you desperately crave stability, familiarity, and things being predictable. When facing intense uncertainty, your body revolts as if to say “Stop the ride – I want to get off!”

Motion sickness can also arise when you have trust issues or problems relinquishing control. You likely have rigid preferences of how things “should” be.

Centering Yourself

If you’re prone to motion sickness, there are a few things that can help center you when faced with unfamiliar territory:

  • Affirmations: Repeat sayings like “I am safe in this moment. All is well.”
  • Grounding: Press your feet into the floor and imagine roots growing into the ground.
  • Breathwork: Practice deep belly breaths. Inhale calm, exhale tension.
  • Meditation: Use a simple mantra like “Let go.”

Strengthening your ability to go with the flow and tolerate uncertainty is key. You must allow situations to unfold without trying to control everything.

Pregnancy Nausea and Motherhood Fears

Up to 80% of pregnant women deal with the lovely symptom of nausea and vomiting known as morning sickness. But pregnancy queasiness isn’t just caused by shifting hormones – emotional and spiritual factors also play a role.

Many moms-to-be experience huge doubts about the entire birthing process and their ability to be a parent. Common worries include:

  • Losing their freedom
  • Coping with changes in their body
  • Pain/difficulties with delivery
  • Lack of support from their partner
  • Feeling completely unprepared for motherhood

You’re also undergoing massive physical and emotional transformations right now. So if nausea arises, employ these tips:

  • Talk it out: Voice every single one of your fears out loud to your partner or friend.
  • Affirm yourself: Say positive mantras like “I am ready for this next phase in my life.”
  • Address support needs: Have candid conversations about the type of help you require post-birth. Be specific.
  • Visualize confidence: See yourself handled delivery with strength and embracing your baby with joy.

When to Seek Emergency Care

While nausea and vomiting can have spiritual undertones, they warrant immediate medical care if you:

  • Can’t keep any fluids down for 24 hours
  • Notice blood in your vomit
  • Experience head trauma along with vomiting
  • Feel chest pain paired with nausea
  • Have a high fever (over 101 ̊F)

Please seek emergency assistance if you have any of these red-flag symptoms.

Final Thought

Nausea and vomiting often arise as signs that something deeper needs addressing. By tuning into the mind-body connection and becoming aware of what your symptoms may symbolize, you can uncover the root issues that require healing. This awareness empowers you to make positive changes.

While medical causes should not be ignored, even idiopathic nausea can have spiritual undertones. Working with a specialist to explore the metaphysical realms through energy healing, past life work, and inner child communication can provide breakthrough clarity. You can then release stuck energies and reclaim greater vibrancy. If nausea persists without explanation, consider examining its spiritual meaning.


What are some other spiritual reasons behind nausea?

Aside from rejection and control issues, nausea can also relate to: fear or anxiety about a situation, digesting too much “toxic” information, empathically taking on others’ “sick” feelings, past life trauma surfacing, or your body expelling negative energies during the healing process.

Why might I vomit during meditation or energy healing work?

It’s not uncommon to purge physically when doing deep spiritual work. This cleansing vomit represents your body forcefully expelling dense, stuck energies that have accumulated. Think of it as spring cleaning for your system!

How can vomiting be a positive thing?

While unpleasant, vomiting is ultimately your body protecting itself by getting rid of something that would cause harm if left inside. On a spiritual level, purging can free you from negative thought patterns, beliefs, attachments or relationships that no longer serve your highest good. It’s a rebirth!

Is nausea ever psychosomatic?

Yes, absolutely! Emotions like anxiety, grief, trauma, or fear can sometimes manifest as physical nausea symptoms even when no virus, motion, or food is involved. Our mind and body are intrinsically woven together. This is why exploring the spiritual and energetic roots of nausea is so insightful.

Why does my nausea feel worse at certain times of day?

Physical symptoms often follow our body’s natural biohythms. For instance, nausea brought on by spiritual detoxification or emotional issues often intensifies at sunrise, noon, sunset, or midnight as our energy meridians shift. Making adjustments during trigger hours can help settle symptoms.

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