The Eye of Horus: Its Spiritual Meaning and Symbolism

The Eye of Horus is one of the most distinctive ancient Egyptian symbols, but what is the deeper spiritual meaning behind this mystical amulet? As you delve into the mythic story behind the symbol, you’ll uncover how the Eye of Horus contains powerful protective energies and frequencies that can heal, restore and sustain.

Here’s a quick interpretation:

The Eye of Horus is an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection, royal power, and good health. According to myth, it represents the eye of the falcon god Horus which was injured while fighting Set for the throne of Egypt, then magically healed by the gods. This gave the restored eye great power to heal and ward off evil. Today the Eye of Horus remains a popular symbol for protection.

The Origin Story of the Eye of Horus

To understand the spiritual significance of the Eye of Horus, you need to know the myth behind it. As the story goes, Osiris was the king of Egypt and associated with fertility, vegetation and life. His jealous brother Set wanted the throne for himself so he hatched a plot to kill Osiris. After murdering Osiris, Set cut his body into 14 pieces and scattered them across Egypt.

Osiris’ wife Isis gathered up all the parts and used her magic to temporarily resurrect Osiris so she could become impregnated and bear his son – Horus. When Horus grew up, he battled Set to avenge his father. During these violent clashes, Horus lost his left eye while Set lost his testicles.

Over time, Egyptians believed that Horus’ injured eye became imbued with magical healing properties after it was restored by the god Thoth. The symbol also came to represent the sacrifice Horus made for his father.

Type of EnergyAssociated Body Part
SmellRight corner of eye
SightCenter of eye
HearingLeft corner of eye
TasteCurled tail

The Eye of Horus and the Human Brain

What’s fascinating about the Eye of Horus as a spiritual symbol is that its different sections closely correlate to regions of the human brain and the senses.

As shown in the table above, smell is associated with the right corner, sight with the middle, wisdom with the eyebrow, and so on. The Egyptians had advanced knowledge of anatomy and this symbol may be hinting at some awareness of the brain’s functions.

You could interpret this as the Eye of Horus representing human perception – our ability to sense, process and integrate information about the world. By extension, the restored Eye indicates healing and wholeness at a mental/spiritual level.

Protective Energies and Frequencies

For ancient Egyptians, the Eye wasn’t just for physical sight – they believed eyes emitted energy that could influence what they perceived. The restored Eye of Horus harnessed the power of protection, healing and action against evil forces.

Sailors would paint the Eye on their vessels before perilous voyages to keep them from harm. The living and the dead were shown reverence with the Eye of Horus in funerary rites. The symbol warded off whatever might threaten one’s safety or spiritual integrity as they ventured into the unknown worlds.

You could view this mystical amulet as tuning you into frequencies that shield you from negative energies. It’s like activating an aura of light around your body and soul.

Reflection of the Moon & Mind

Since the battle between Horus and Set represented the eternal cosmic struggle between light and dark, order and chaos, their respective eyes came to symbolize the sun and moon. Horus’ left eye (the moon) was wounded, signifying its cyclical waxing and waning. Upon its magical restoration, it reflected renewed vitality.

Ancient Egyptians also associated the moon with the Mind. When gazing upon its glowing orb in contemplation, you can imagine how it seemed to mirror mental/dream states.

So for spiritually-inclined Egyptians, meditating on the Eye of Horus was linked to the moon, the Mind and how consciousness interacts with the light of awareness.

The Journey into Self-Mastery

Myths often contain archetypal templates for life’s obstacles and victories. In the battle between Set and Horus, you can find clues to your own path to self-mastery.

Set represents the ego – our insecure lower self obsessed with power and control. Horus symbolizes the Higher Self – our eternal nature beyond fear and death. Set ripped out Horus’ eye in an attempt to destabilize his visionary capabilities, reflecting how the ego tries to limit our higher awareness.

But in the end, Horus is victorious, restoring his eye and banishing Set’s darkness from the kingdom. This signifies the ego being put in its proper place through higher wisdom and love’s redeeming light.

So when you wear or meditate upon the Eye of Horus, envision it as representing your spiritual journey from ego-identification to realizing your eternal divine nature. Let it remind you of the inner resources available to overcome any challenge.

Using the Eye of Horus Today

The Eye remains a popular amulet for protection from all types of harm, attracting good fortune. But more than just warding off misfortune, the restored Eye signifies a mind healed of limiting beliefs and perceptions.

With its brain-like patterns, the symbol can serve as a visual mantra for spiritual development – helping you cut through illusions, integrate consciousness, find wholeness.

Placing an Eye of Horus symbol by sacred spaces or altars sanctifies the area, clearing stagnant energies. Some even claim its frequencies open doorways to higher inspiration and guidance.

In essence, this ancient Egyptian symbol activates your sovereignty, vigor and inner magic. It connects you to ancestral memories of alchemical mastery and manifestation.

So when you call upon the Eye of Horus, let its mythic power reignite your eternal soul brilliance!


1. What does the symbol of the Eye of Horus stand for?

The Eye of Horus symbol stands for healing, protection, sacrifice, and restoration. According to Egyptian myth, the injured eye of Horus was magically healed, giving it divine powers to ward off evil, sickness, and spiritual impurities.

2. What does it mean when an Eye of Horus is broken up into pieces?

The myths tell of Set ripping out Horus’ eye and cutting it into six parts. This can symbolize the fragmentation of spiritual wholeness due to destructive ego forces (represented by Set). When the pieces are put back together, it signifies the restoration of unity consciousness after overcoming life’s challenges.

3. Does the Eye of Horus have any significance for Egyptian royalty?

Yes. Horus was the ancient Egyptian sky god who was a symbol of divine kingship. His injured and restored eye came to represent the sacrifice required for leadership. Pharaohs associated themselves with Horus to legitimize their rule. The Eye suggested their duty to maintain cosmic harmony, like the wellbeing of the restored eye.

4. What does the Eye of Horus’ correlation to the human brain signify?

The sections resemble parts of the brain governing senses and higher wisdom. This reflects a neurobiological insight into human perception and intelligence. For ancient Egyptians, magical protection and healing represented being mentally aware, emotionally balanced and spiritually centered.

5. How can I work with the Eye of Horus in spiritual practices today?

Modern mystics use the symbol to clear negative energy from living spaces. They also meditate on it, visualizing the restoration of harmony within and without. The Eye is seen to open inner sight and protect one’s energy field from distortions caused by fears or insecurities. Its mythic meaning can inspire the healing of past mental wounds.

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