Spiritual Meanings of Tears from Right Eye and Left Eye

Have you ever noticed which eye tears up first when you cry? Or maybe one of your eyes randomly waters from time to time for no clear reason? As it turns out, there may be a deeper spiritual meaning behind tears that flow from either the right or left eye.

Here’s a quick summary:

Tears can have divine symbolic meaning – right eye tears represent happiness or good fortune while left eye tears signal pain or sadness. Other spiritual signs of eye watering include the need for inner healing, intuitive activation, remembering people from the past, or feeling unjustly treated by life. Paying attention to which eye sheds tears first and watering patterns can reveal deeper messages your soul may be conveying.

Why Do Tears Have Spiritual Significance?

In many spiritual traditions around the world, tears are seen as much more than just salty water coming from your eyes when you’re sad or in pain. Tears can actually symbolize a connection to the divine, an activation of spiritual sight, or a sign that inner change or healing needs to happen.

There are even many references to the spiritual nature of tears in the Bible. Tears are often seen as being connected to prayer and crying out to God. The Book of Revelation speaks about God gathering up the tears of saints. And tears of repentance are seen as purifying.

So when you notice tears streaming down your cheeks out of the blue or you feel water pooling in one eye more than the other, you may want to quiet your mind and listen closely for any message the spiritual realm could be trying to convey to you.

Which Eye Tears First Reveals Happiness or Pain

An interesting concept from Psychological Fact states that if the first tear you shed comes from your right eye, it represents happiness. But if the first tear emerges from your left eye, it signals pain or sadness.

Of course, if both eyes well up simultaneously, that likely just means you stubbed your toe or got some dust in your eyes! But pay attention next time you feel yourself getting emotional. Which eye starts crying first and what does that mean about the emotions underlying the tears?

Right Eye Tearing and Spiritual Meaning

Your right eye holds particular spiritual significance since it allows you to perceive the physical world around you. Anything physically affecting your right eye or its ability to see could therefore symbolize a blockage between the physical and spiritual planes.

Here are some of the possible spiritual explanations for what it means when your right eye waters:

  • Healing – The right eye is connected to Horus, an Egyptian god of healing. Tears may indicate you need physical or emotional healing in some area of your life.
  • Good luck – Horus also brings good fortune. Random right eye tears could foretell positive events coming your way soon. Lucky you!
  • Spiritual vision – People on a spiritual path may cry through the right eye when opening to intuitive or prophetic sight. The tears signify spiritual vision being cleansed or activated.
  • Inner change – Biblically, the Holy Spirit brings about inner renewal, which can feel emotional. Tears here might reflect that transformative process.
  • Need more strength – Horus oversaw success in ancient battles. So if your right eye cries, you may need more strength or self-confidence in facing life’s current “battles”. Whatever challenges you have, support will come.

What May Left Eye Tears Mean Spiritually?

Since your left eye is associated with feeling intuition rather than outer perception, left eye tearing can have the following possible symbolic meanings:

  • Seeking answers – Water culturally represents cleansing knowledge. Left eye tears suggest inner wisdom is seeking understanding or you are open to receiving insights from Spirit.
  • Caring what others think – If bad health accompanies left eye watering, it could mean worrying too much about others’ opinions of you. Feel confident being your authentic self!
  • Private problems – Similarly, discuss issues only with trusted confidants if your left eye flows. Spreading personal problems may backfire.
  • Remembering someone – Randomly thinking of someone from your past while your left eye tears up is a cosmic nudge that you should reconnect with that person.
  • The world seems unfair – Unfortunately left eye tears can also mean feeling like life isn’t going your way. But stay positive – the universe is on your side!
  • Impending luck for women – A fun superstition in parts of Asia is that left eye tearing signifies women are about to come into good fortune. Congrats!
  • Can’t let go of the past – On the other hand, constant left eye watering might mean worries about the past are weighing you down. Try focusing on the present instead.

Cultural Superstitions About Watery Eyes

Beyond the general symbolic spiritual meanings related to the left or right eye, tearing up also comes with a host of cultural superstitions across the world. Here is a sampling from different regions:

LocationRight Eye SuperstitionLeft Eye Superstition
HawaiiForetells a baby being born soonSignals a stranger coming or death in family
West IndiesYou’ll reconnect with someoneHearing bad news
IndiaGood luck for men, bad for womenBad luck for men, good for women
AfricaVisitor comingYou’ll start crying soon
ChinaSign of good fortuneSign of bad luck coming

So as you can see, watery eyes have a whole host of symbolic meanings within various folklore traditions globally. Which superstition resonates most with your recent experience of random eye tearing?

What Causes Sudden Tearing Anyway?

If you’re wondering what might biologically cause a random bout of teary eyes in the first place (besides strong emotions like grief or joy), a few common culprits could be:

  • Irritation or inflammation of the eye surface from allergies, eyelash problems, weather conditions
  • A dry eye issue paradoxically making your eyes water more
  • Blocked drainage tear ducts preventing adequate flushing of tears

In other words, an anatomical or medical reason likely exists for any sudden waterworks. Your body may be trying to communicate that something needs attention.

Concerned About Excessively Watery, Irritated Eyes?

While occasional tearing can be normal and carry spiritual symbolism, you should make an appointment with your eye doctor or physician if:

  • Eyes seem chronically irritated with no relief
  • Significant vision changes, eye pain, pus, or bloody tears occur
  • Symptoms persist longer than 1-2 weeks

A doctor can check for underlying issues like infection, scratched corneas, or blocked tear ducts that may require special treatment to resolve. Ignoring excessively drippy or painful eyes puts you at risk for bigger complications.

When caught and addressed early, most causes of watery vision can be managed fairly easily. Don’t let fear or avoidance get in the way of getting your eyes checked out.

Pay Attention to the Divine Messages in Your Eye Tears

In the end, variable tearing between your left and right eyes likely has metaphorical meaning. The spiritual reminders or insight come through for a reason.

Perhaps your soul is nudging you to contemplate inner transformation, pay attention to friends from the past, release worry, or take practical action to improve your health.

What exactly are your recent tears trying to tell you? Meditation, prayer, or discussing the timing of your symptoms with a holistic practitioner may help interpret the message. Then you can address life areas needing more balance and alignment.

So next time you feel your right or left eye welling up out of the blue, don’t ignore it as insignificant. Reflect on what your tear ducts might be revealing about current blessings or blocks along your life path. Let the liquid wisdom flow as it may!


1. Do tears coming from my right eye really mean I’m about to experience happiness or good luck?

While some spiritual traditions ascribe auspicious meaning to right eye tears, there could be other scientific reasons for random watering as well. Pay attention to any fortunate coincidences after crying from your right eye, but don’t bank on tears alone to predict your destiny.

2. My left eye randomly waters a lot – does that definitely signify I’m stressed or sad?

Not necessarily! Left eye tearing doesn’t automatically imply you’re internally distraught or anxious even though it can. Look to other corroborating signs in your mood and life circumstances before concluding left eye tears equate to psychic misery.

3. Is there any truth to the superstitions about one eye or the other randomly watering?

These old wives’ tales have endured in cultures worldwide, which lends some credence. But passed-down folklore often arises from confirmation bias too. Take note if purported superstitions consistently match your experience but be open to coincidence too.

4. Should I be worried if just one eye excessively waters while the other is fine?

Asymmetrical tearing deserves medical evaluation to pinpoint the cause. Benign reasons like allergies could be to blame but also potentially serious issues like corneal abrasion, tumor, or tear gland dysfunction. See an ophthalmologist if the imbalance persists.

Yes, some connect the sixth chakra, located between the eyes, with eye health and spiritual vision. Opening this energy center relieves blocked psychic sight. So if both your eyes conspicuously water, the third eye may be activating its mystical perception!

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