Spiritual Meaning of Back Pain: Lower, Mid & Upper

Have you ever wondered if that persistent back pain you’ve been experiencing has a deeper, spiritual meaning? Many philosophical and metaphysical traditions across human cultures believe our physical ailments often manifest emotional unrest or spiritual blockages.

Understanding what your back pain may be trying to tell you can unlock powerful insights into achieving harmony between your mind, body and soul. Let’s explore how you can decode the hidden messages behind lower, middle or upper back discomfort.

Here’s a quick interpretation:

The location of back pain reveals deeper emotional issues. Lower back pain indicates problems with security in finances or relationships. Mid-back pain signifies unresolved guilt and heart blocks. Upper back discomfort reflects carrying burdens, lacking self-care, and the need to forgive, let go of control, and love oneself. Exploring the spiritual messages underlying physical back pain empowers holistic healing.

Where Is Your Back Pain Located?

The location of back pain can indicate specific spiritual or emotional meanings. Here is an overview:

Lower Back: Associated with feelings of financial or relationship insecurity, lack of support, or resistance to change. Connected to the root chakra.

Middle Back: Indicates unresolved emotional issues, excessive guilt, chronic stress/tension, or carrying past burdens. Linked to the heart chakra.

Upper Back: Represents a need to forgive, let go of attachments, feeling overwhelmed by responsibilities or lack of self-care.

Keep these general interpretations in mind as we unpack the various nuances.

Lower Back Pain Meanings

That persistent ache in your lower back may signify instability in foundational areas of your life:

Financial Hardship

Do you feel insecure about money or lacking in financial literacy skills? Lower back pain may be reminding you to get clear on budgeting, saving, and building more security.

Abandonment Issues

Pain can manifest from subconscious fears over relationships ending or concern about having enough social/family support. Examine any core wounds around abandonment.

Resistance to Change

When we stubbornly cling to old ways or feel anxiety about changing circumstances, it puts stress on the lower spine. Breathe through uncertainty and embrace change.

Root Chakra Imbalance

The lower back houses the muladhara (root) chakra which represents security and foundation. Back pain here signals this primary energy center needs realignment through grounding practices.

As you can see, lower back discomfort carries deeper connotations about stability in multiple facets of life.

Middle Back Pain Meanings

That nagging mid-back pain may indicate the following emotional issues are crying out for your attention:

Unresolved Guilt

Have you been playing old tapes of regret about past mistakes? Are you carrying a heavy load of shame or self-blame? Middle back pain says to practice self-forgiveness.

Heart Chakra Blocks

Our mid-back houses the anahata (heart) chakra, the center of unconditional love and harmony with oneself/others. Back pain here signals your ability to give/receive love freely has been compromised.

Emotional Baggage

Just like luggage can overburden the spine, metaphorical baggage from toxic relationships, grief or childhood issues weighs heavily on the middle back. Start unpacking!

Stress & Tension

When we regularly subject ourselves to stressful situations without release, it manifests as muscular tension, spasms and discomfort in the mid-back. Carve out more relaxation and self-care rituals.

As you can see, middle back pain carries somber messages about the emotional baggage you may be carrying and its impact on your heart center.

Upper Back Pain Meanings

Discomfort between your shoulder blades has the following symbolic connotations:

Burden of Responsibility

Are you overwhelmed trying to juggle family duties, demanding job, volunteer work all on your own? Pain says you need to ask for help and delegate certain tasks.

Lack of Self-Care

Fatigue, burnout and neglecting your needs eventually causes the upper back to ache under the weight of it all. Make yourself a priority again.

Forgiveness & Letting Go

Just as shoulder tension can result from literally bearing a heavy load, upper back pain says you may be carrying resentment about past hurts. Practice forgiveness.

Feeling Inadequate

Many high-achieving people suffer from feeling like an imposter. Back pain here signals tension from putting too much pressure on yourself. Lighten up on self-judgment.

As you discover, upper back discomfort conveys critical messages about self-imposed burdens you may be carrying and their spiritual effects.

LocationSpiritual Meaning
Lower BackFinancial/relationship insecurity, resistance to change, root chakra imbalance
Middle BackUnresolved guilt/emotions, heart chakra block, baggage from past, chronic stress
Upper BackBurden of responsibilities, lack of self-care, need for forgiveness/letting go, feelings of inadequacy

Now that you comprehend the vital clues your back pain is offering, it’s time to actively heal holistically.

How Do You Address the Spiritual Aspects?

You’ve decoded the message behind your back pain. Fantastic! But simply realizing the subconscious emotional issues driving your discomfort is just the first step. Actively addressing the spiritual dimension is key to achieving back relief more completely.

Mirror Work

Standing in front of a mirror, put one hand over your aching back area and speak words of kindness, validation and compassion to yourself for the underlying wounds being revealed physically. This builds self-acceptance.

Energy Healing

Make an appointment with a reiki practitioner or try magnet therapy. These energy healing modalities rebalance your biofield, align the spine energetically and facilitate emotional release.

Meditation & Yoga

Daily sitting meditation and gentle back-opening yoga poses help quiet mental chatter, discharge negative emotions held in back tissue and increase self-awareness about what your soul longs to heal.


Recording stream-of-consciousness insights about your back pain after meditating or doing mirror work allows you to better integrate the messages surfacing from your subconscious. Refer to these epiphanies later.

Creative Expression

Paint, dance, sing or write poetry freely about the memories, feelings and repressed shadows your back pain is bringing to light. Creative modalities allow safe emotional release.

Talk Therapy

Consulting regularly with an empathetic counselor or psychologist trained in mind-body approaches provides professional support unpacking psychological issues manifesting physically as back pain.

By sincerely engaging with holistic spiritual practices that resonate with you, your back pain can guide you gently into profound healing, self-discovery and thriving in body, mind and spirit.


I hope this exploration of the spiritual meanings linked with lower, middle and upper back pain empowers your healing journey with renewed insight.

Remember, while paying attention to the emotional messages from discomfort is critical, ruling out any medical causes with your doctor is wise as well. An integrative approach addresses all contributing factors.

Most importantly, be patient and loving with yourself. Expanding self-awareness and awakening to a more evolved state of being often happens in increments. Keep nurturing your whole self. Everything unfolds in due time according to divine orchestration. You’ve got this!


What chakra is associated with lower back pain?

The lower back is associated with the muladhara (or root) chakra located at the base of the spine. This chakra connects us with feelings of safety and security. Lower back pain can signal root chakra blocks or imbalances.

If I have upper back pain on just one side, does that indicate anything specific spiritually?

Yes, the location of back pain can have added meanings. For example, right-sided upper back pain might indicate you are carrying responsibilities that are not rightfully yours or are having issues with assertiveness. Left-sided pain can signify emotional suppression or problems setting boundaries.

My middle back pain worsens when I’m stressed. What does this mean energetically?

Stress and unresolved emotional issues are linked spiritually to the heart chakra in the middle back. When you release built-up stress or work through painful memories, you’ll likely find your middle back pain improves. Managing stress is key.

I have chronic lower back pain but normal scans. Why is that?

Even with normal diagnostic test results, metaphysical factors like financial insecurity or abandonment fears can manifest as chronic back discomfort. Exploring the spiritual dimensions with therapy and meditation can facilitate healing.

Will focusing on spiritual healing take away my back pain completely?

Unfortunately there isn’t a guarantee, but engaging in spiritual practices can make significant improvements by addressing root causes. It’s ideal to have an integrative approach that attends to physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of back pain. Be patient with the process.

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