Mole or Birthmark on Buttock Meaning for Male and Female

Have you noticed a distinct marking on your butt? Or maybe your partner has an unusual mole on their behind? If so, you may be curious what deeper meaning or symbolism these body marks could represent.

In numerous spiritual and mystical traditions, the location and appearance of moles and birthmarks on the body are thought to indicate a person’s character, destiny, and luck in life. When found on the buttocks, these markings are believed to have especially powerful connotations.

Read on to learn about the various interpretations, myths, and mystical meanings associated with buttock moles and birthmarks, depending on factors like gender, color, and placement on the right or left cheek.

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What Are Moles and Birthmarks?

Before diving into symbolism, let’s first understand what physical traits we’re talking about.

Moles are small, darkened spots on the skin made up of clustered melanocytes – the pigment-producing cells. The color varies from pink to tan to dark brown or black. Moles are very common, especially as people age.

Birthmarks are colored spots on the skin that are present at birth or develop shortly after. They occur due to overgrowth of blood vessels, melanocytes, or other tissues in one area.

Birthmarks can be reddish, brown, tan, or bluish in color. Some fade over time, while others persist lifelong. The two main categories are vascular birthmarks and pigmented birthmarks.

The Mystical Meanings of Buttock Moles and Marks

Now let’s explore some of the fascinating symbolic interpretations associated with moles and birthmarks specifically on the buttock area:

General Meanings

  • A mole anywhere on the buttocks represents strong life energy and power manifesting through that bodily area.
  • These markings are seen as blessings and signs that a person will live a prosperous, abundant life. The buttocks are linked to attainment of luxury and material wealth.
  • Overall, buttock moles and marks are considered very fortunate in many traditional spiritual readings! They predict a bright destiny.

Meanings for Males

  • A mole on the right buttock generally indicates the man may stay unmarried and live with parents, but will be completely devoted to them.
  • Some believe a right buttock mark means the man will lack physical attractiveness or masculine strength. He may be seen as unappealing by some.
  • However, a mole on the left buttock signifies the man will be incredibly charismatic with an engaging personality that makes him popular with ladies.

Meanings for Females

  • A birthmark or mole on the right buttock is linked to having a strong sense of fashion and style. The woman will likely be a trendsetter who always looks chic.
  • A mole on the left buttock represents gaining a stellar reputation and reaching high status in society and her career, leading to wealth and abundance.

Other Interpretations

  • A buttock mark often signifies a reliable, trustworthy personality who is honest and dependable.
  • It may foretell excellent academic achievements and success in education or intellectual pursuits.
  • The person is likely to enjoy a stable, content middle age and a long, fulfilling life overall.

The Significance of Location and Color

The specific spot on the buttocks where a birthmark or mole appears carries profound meaning. A light-colored mark tends to indicate popularity and charm, especially for men. Darker pigmented marks, on the other hand, mean dealing with jealousy from others, but also gaining fame and romantic attention anyway.

Marks located on the outer edges or periphery of the buttocks represent emotional intuition and understanding others well. Finally, marks found underneath or below the buttocks predict lifelong happiness and prosperity without major struggles.

Buttock Marks in Culture and History

These meanings have developed over centuries and across cultures. In Greek mythology, the goddess Aphrodite was said to kiss a baby on the buttocks to endow it with her powers of love and beauty. A folk belief from old Europe stated that a buttock mark meant the person would become wealthy but suffer heartbreak.

In Asia, marks on the rear were seen as intensely personal body signs that revealed one’s destiny. A Cherokee legend tells of a worm that bit a baby on the butt, leaving a mark so it could recognize the child as an adult and bestow gifts. Hindu astrology associates the buttocks with acquisition of wealth, status, and material rewards from the planet Jupiter.

Questions About Buttock Birthmarks

Still have questions? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Are buttock birthmarks genetic?

While not definitive, there does seem to be a potential genetic link, with the marks running in some families. The tendency to develop moles and marks may be inherited.

How can I tell if a buttock mark is dangerous?

Look for any changes in size, color, shape, or texture, and see a dermatologist promptly. Most are harmless, but occasionally moles become cancerous.

Can buttock marks be removed?

Yes, a dermatologist can safely remove moles and marks with procedures like cryotherapy, excision, laser therapy, or electrodessication. Most insurers cover this for medical reasons or if it causes discomfort.

Do buttock marks go away with age?

Some may gradually fade over decades. However, most moles and deeper skin marks persist lifelong once fully formed. Their meanings remain, even if the marks soften a bit.


Buttock moles, marks, and birthmarks have special symbolism in mystical traditions. Their meanings reveal life purpose and good fortune in love, money, and destiny.

Next time you notice a distinct mark on your own or a partner’s behind, consider the deeper significance it might reveal and any good luck it may bring! With proper healthcare, most are harmless – and the rest is up to how you live your life.

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