Lucky Mole on Female Body Meaning

Moles on a female body are considered very auspicious in Eastern cultures. They are believed to signify certain personality traits, luck, relationships, and prosperity for a woman.

In mole astrology, the location of a mole on the female body is what decides its implications. Certain parts of the female body are said to be luckier for moles than other parts.

So if you happen to have a mole on any of these lucky positions, congratulations! Read on to find out what each of these auspicious marks signifies for you.

Key Takeaways

1. Moles are considered lucky birthmarks that can reveal fortunes based on where they are located on the female body.
2. Lucky moles are generally found on the head, face, neck and shoulders regions according to mole astrology.
3. Specific locations like forehead, eyebrows, ears, cheeks, lips indicate personality traits, wealth, relationships, luck and prosperity.
4. Moles on the right side signify energy and confidence, while left side moles represent creativity. Symmetrical moles indicate balance.
5. Moles on private parts are sometimes considered unlucky, but there’s no scientific basis for lucky/unlucky moles.
6. Minor natural changes in moles don’t alter their meanings. Sudden changes need medical advice.
7. Your character and attitude matter much more than mole predictions. Make the most of your talents.

Why Are Moles Considered Lucky?

Before we explore the specific meanings, let’s understand why moles are considered lucky in the first place.

Moles are unique birthmarks – they appear due to the clustering of pigment cells or melanocytes. No two moles are exactly identical, even on the same body. Hence, they are regarded as the unique signature of an individual.

Moles are permanent – unlike some other types of marks or spots on the skin, moles are permanent. They do not change shape or color drastically. This permanence associates them with stability and steadfastness in fortunes.

Moles are innate – you are born with moles. No external factor creates them later in life. Therefore, moles are considered to reflect your inherent destiny right from birth.

Moles signify concentration – the clustered pigment cells give moles a focused, concentrated and dense appearance. This is believed to represent focus, depth and intensity in life.

Due to these reasons, moles are considered roadmaps to destiny rather than random marks. Let’s see what each location predicts.

Lucky Moles on the Head

The head is prime real estate for auspicious moles. This is because the head governs personality, wisdom, attitudes and approach to life. Lucky moles here predict:


A mole on the forehead, especially one on the midline, indicates confidence, mental strength and a dynamic personality. You think big and achieve success through self-effort. You may get opportunities to travel abroad frequently. Overall, you approach life in a confident and uninhibited manner.


  • Between the eyebrows – Extremely auspicious! Denotes wealth, good fortune and wisdom in decisions. You make the right choices at the right time.
  • On the right eyebrow – You will earn a lot of wealth through hard work. However, managing money will need prudence as your spending pace is equally rapid.
  • On the left eyebrow – Similar implications as a right eyebrow mole. Earning is easy but wise investments are a must.


  • On the eyelids – Indicates calmness and depth of thinking. Your thoughtful and unruffled personality makes you a trusted confidante of friends. You marry into wealth.
  • Outer corners of eyes – The mole in this position reveals that wealth and friends will never desert you. It is an extremely auspicious mark.
  • Below or near the nose bridge – You never face financial want in life. Money comes easily with both hard work and wise investments.


An ear mole predicts intelligence and quick-thinking abilities. You are able to make the right snap decisions.

  • Left ear mole – Indicates success in most ventures, and a happy, fulfilling marital life.
  • Right ear mole – Also signifies easy success just like the left ear mole. The life partner is loving and caring.
  • Moles on both ears – If moles are present on both ears, you are super lucky! You will enjoy an extremely comfortable life and will have the power to easily influence people.

Lucky Moles on the Face

The facial region governs personality, character, relationships and vitality. Auspicious moles here indicate:


Cheek moles, especially on the left cheek, are signs of popularity and charisma. You have many friends and a joyful social life. You leave lasting impressions on people and can inspire them into action. Stay humble and avoid gossiping to maintain this influencer status.


  • Upper lip mole – One on the upper lip signals popularity with the opposite gender. You also have good oratory skills and command over language.
  • Lower lip mole – Predicts studiousness and hard work. You achieve success in academics and careers based on mental abilities.


A mole on the chin is a sign of stubbornness and determination. Once you make up your mind about something, it is hard to change your perspective. While persistence is a virtue, balance it with flexibility in matters of the heart.

Lucky Moles on the Neck and Shoulders

The neck and shoulders represent flexibility, service and leadership capabilities.


If the mole is on the front of the neck, it signifies patience and perseverance. You work very hard to achieve your dreams. You remain calm even in challenging situations.


Moles on the shoulders, especially the right shoulder, are signs of wealth and prosperity. You are polite, helpful and serve people well. Prefer a life partner who complements these qualities.

Lucky Moles on the Chest and Back

The chest and back represent emotions, relationships and hidden strengths.


An auspicious mole on the right side of the chest indicates deep emotions for family and loved ones. You go out of your way to care for others and are forgiving by nature.


A mole in the centre of the back signals hidden talents, intuitive powers and charisma. Use these strengths to make positive impacts. Channelize your skills smartly for manifestation of your dreams.

Other Lucky Mole Locations on Female Body

Some other fortunate mole positions on the female body are:

  • Fingers
  • Hands and palms, especially right hand
  • Stomach and abdomen
  • Thighs
  • Legs, especially calves
  • Feet

As a general guideline:

  • Right side moles – Signify energy, action and confidence
  • Left side moles – Represent thinking abilities and creativity
  • Symmetrical moles – Indicate balance and proportion in all aspects of life

Unlucky Moles on Female Body

While we focused on lucky moles in this article, some moles are said to be inauspicious based on location. These include moles on the genitals and private parts.

However, there is no scientific basis for good luck or bad luck attributed to moles. Don’t start worrying if you have a mole in any of the unlucky spots mentioned in some astrological texts.

Stay positive, be a good human being, and your life will shine regardless of what moles say!

Frequently Asked Questions about Moles

Here are some common queries about moles on female body:

Will mole meaning change if a mole changes shape/color/size?

Moles are largely stable. Minor natural changes due to age or tanning do not alter the meanings. But if you notice any sudden or major changes, do see a dermatologist.

Can I remove a mole to change luck or destiny?

Moles should be removed only if medically advised, and not for astrological reasons. Such removals do not change what destiny has in store!

I have no moles at all on my body. Does that mean I’m unlucky?

Certainly not! Many people have zero or very few moles. Your lack of moles has no bearing on your luck or destiny.

Can a man also have lucky moles as per female mole astrology?

Yes, the implications are the same regardless of gender. Lucky mole positions are auspicious on all bodies.

Will a mole change meaning if it changes position due to injury/surgery?

Astrologically, a mole’s meaning depends on where it was at the time of your birth. So if position changes later due to injury or procedure, the original significance remains.


In short, moles can reveal your innate destiny based on where they are located on the female body as per mole astrology. Lucky moles, especially on the head, face, neck and shoulders are considered harbingers of wealth, wisdom and good fortune for a woman.

While fascinating to learn about, mole meanings and predictions should not become worries or obsessions. Your character and attitude determine your success much more than mere moles. Make the most of your own talents and strengths rather than waiting for destiny!

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