Double Rainbow: Biblical and Spiritual Meanings

Seeing a rainbow is always a magical experience. But have you ever been blessed to see two rainbows at once? Known as a double rainbow, this phenomena has deeper meaning and symbolism across cultures and faiths.

Let’s explore the biblical and spiritual significance behind double rainbows, common interpretations, cultural beliefs, dream meanings, and more. Understanding the message behind these colorful arches in the sky can give hope and uplift your journey.

Key Takeaways

  1. Double rainbows are caused by light reflecting twice in rain droplets, creating a second, reversed and dimmer rainbow outside the main arc.
  2. Biblically, rainbows represent God’s covenant and enduring grace. Ezekiel and Revelation describe rainbows around God’s throne.
  3. Spiritually, double rainbows signify transformation, good fortune, awakening, hope, manifestation, and balance.
  4. In cultural folklore, double rainbows are lucky omens, connecting earthly and spiritual realms, or signifying abundance.
  5. For love, double rainbows mean coming full circle through trials, partnership, emotional clarity, and commitment in relationships.
  6. In dreams, double rainbows symbolize optimism, intimacy, being on the right path, recognition of hard work, and requited love.
  7. Double rainbows are estimated to appear only once in every 50-100 rainbow sightings, so they are rare and lucky to witness.

What is a Double Rainbow?

A double rainbow simply refers to two rainbows occurring simultaneously. While single rainbows are relatively common, double rainbows are rare and require very specific conditions.

To form a rainbow, sunlight must interact with water droplets in the atmosphere. The light enters a droplet, reflects off the back of the droplet, and then refracts as it exits – separating the white light into the color spectrum.

For a double rainbow, two reflections and refractions happen in each raindrop. The second, dimmer rainbow forms when light reflects twice internally before exiting the droplet. The second rainbow will have the color order reversed – red on the inside, violet on the outside.

Rainbow Symbolism in the Bible

The Bible contains several references to the rainbow, imbuing this meteorological phenomena with sacred meaning for Jews and Christians.

The First Rainbow in Genesis

The earliest biblical mention of the rainbow comes after the Great Flood in Genesis 9. After destroying the corrupted world with the floodwaters, God makes a covenant with Noah that he will never again destroy the earth and its living creatures in the same way.

God says to Noah:

“I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth” (Genesis 9:13).

Here, the rainbow represents God’s promise and enduring faithfulness. It offers hope for a fresh start and redemption.

Rainbow Imagery in Ezekiel’s Vision

The Old Testament prophet Ezekiel recounts an awe-inspiring vision of God’s throne and divine presence. Amid vivid images of light, fire, and four living creatures, Ezekiel describes:

“Such was the appearance of the likeness of the glory of the Lord. And when I saw it, I fell on my face…” (Ezekiel 1:28)

He refers to seeing a likeness of God’s glory with “the appearance of the rainbow in the clouds on a rainy day” (Ezekiel 1:28). The rainbow again conveys splendor, brilliance, and majesty.

The Rainbow Around God’s Throne

In Revelation 4:3, the apostle John also describes powerful visions while in the spirit. He sees God seated on his throne, surrounded by a rainbow with emerald hues. This rainbow echoes God’s earlier covenant with Noah, showing enduring grace.

Later in Revelation, John states that God’s throne contains a rainbow “like an emerald”, representing beautiful regality (Revelation 4:3). The final chapters proclaim Christ’s triumph over evil, no longer requiring the rainbow covenant.

Spiritual Meaning of a Double Rainbow

So what does it spiritually signify if you’re blessed to see two rainbows at once? Here are common symbolic interpretations:

  • New beginnings, growth, transformation: A double rainbow heralds that a period of change is coming, opening new doors of possibility. It encourages fresh starts.
  • Good luck and fortune: Double rainbows are seen as heralds of coming blessings, abundance, and prosperous times ahead.
  • Spiritual awakening: The presence of two rainbows signifies a deepening of your spiritual awareness and intuition.
  • Hope and reassurance: In difficult times, a double rainbow reminds you that better days lie ahead. It encourages resilience.
  • Magical manifestation: A double rainbow signals that wondrous, almost magical events will soon manifest for you.
  • Harmony and balance: Two rainbows represent balance between contrasting aspects of life – light/dark, material/spiritual, masculine/feminine, etc.

If you’re going through challenges, seeing a double rainbow is a sign to have faith in sunnier days coming soon. It means keeping hope alive through the storms. When something lucky happens after seeing two rainbows, it confirms you’re on the right path.

Cultural Folklore on Double Rainbows

Double rainbows hold symbolic meaning in the folklore, stories, and oral traditions of diverse cultures globally. Here are some interesting examples:

Norse Mythology

  • The rainbow represents the Bifrost Bridge, connecting Earth to Asgard, home of the gods. It is a difficult bridge guarded by the god Heimdall.
  • Only the gods could freely use this shimmering bridge between realms. Seeing two rainbows meant the gods were traveling freely.

Native American

  • Certain tribes consider the rainbow a sign of good fortune when seen over water but misfortune if over land.
  • Rainbows connect the human world to the spirit world through magical power. A double rainbow has very strong medicine.

Irish Folklore

  • Pots of gold lie at the ends of rainbows. Seeing two means even more abundant blessings, but only magical creatures can access the gold.
  • Ancient people built sacred wells at rainbow landing sites. Double rainbows mean very holy wells.

Hawaiian Culture

  • The goddess Hina gave birth to the first coconut tree under a rainbow. Double rainbows signal great agricultural fortunes.
  • Rainbows linked the sacred mountain Mauna Kea to the heavens. Two rainbows mean closer links.

Chinese Culture

  • Two dragons in the sky form rainbows when fighting over magical pearls. Double rainbows mean chaos.
  • Since rainbows contain all colors, they represent the perfection of creation. Two is lucky.

What Does a Double Rainbow Mean for Love?

Double rainbows carry positive meaning in relationships and love due to their color symbolism and duality:

  • Completion of cycles: In romance, a double rainbow signals you have come full circle through trials, healing rifts.
  • Partnership and cooperation: Two rainbows represent the power of togetherness, alignment, and balancing yin/yang energies between lovers.
  • Clarity of feelings: A double rainbow means increased understanding, expression, and receptiveness to love. Hidden emotions become clearer.
  • Commitment and engagement: Two unbroken arches assure an enduring bond, signifying partners uniting through all of life’s ups and downs.

So if you’re single, a double rainbow means a strong relationship may soon come into your life. If committed, it reinforces the health and longevity of your bond. The rainbow’s remind us love is constant even through the storms.

Double Rainbow Meanings in Dreams

Dreaming of double rainbows holds special meaning as well. Here are some common interpretations:

Dreaming You See a Double Rainbow

  • In your home or yard: Signifies deepening intimacy and harmony in a personal relationship. For businesses, predicts increased prosperity.
  • While driving: Indicates you are on the right path towards achieving goals and dreams. Keep persevering.
  • At work: Symbolizes that recognition and rewards for hard work are coming your way soon. Stay dedicated.
  • With a romantic interest: Suggests they return your feelings. Go ahead and confess your love!
  • With colors switched: Means a perspective shift is needed to attain your dreams. Look at a challenge in a new light.

Can’t See the Double Rainbow in Dreams?

  • Wanting to see it while driving: Reveals you’re seeking signs you’re on the right track. Have confidence in yourself.
  • Hoping to see it inside: Shows a desire for more intimacy and connection in a relationship. Try openly communicating.
  • Trying to find it: Indicates searching for reassurance about the future. Listen to your intuition.

Overall, double rainbow dreams reflect optimism, abundance, love, and good fortune entering your life soon. The rainbow’s vibrancy and location provide deeper insight into how these blessings will manifest.


Seeing two simultaneous rainbows is a special gift. These mesmerizing meteorological wonders evoke feelings of awe, joy, and the miraculous.

Across cultures, double rainbows remind us that no matter how severe the storms, the light and color return. They inspire us to have faith in goodness, embrace new beginnings, and walk life’s path with courage. When you see a double rainbow, consider it a blessing and embrace the magic ahead!

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes a double rainbow?

Double rainbows are caused by the light from the sun reflecting twice inside water droplets in the atmosphere. The second reflection creates a dimmer, reversed rainbow outside the main arc. They occur when conditions are just right.

What is unique about a double rainbow?

Unlike a single rainbow where red is on the outer band, in a double rainbow the color order is reversed on the secondary arc – red appears on the inner band. Also, the second rainbow is always fainter than the primary.

Where in the Bible is the rainbow first mentioned?

Genesis 9 contains the first biblical reference to the rainbow as God places a rainbow in the sky after the Great Flood, as a sign of his covenant with Noah to never again destroy the Earth in the same manner.

What is the spiritual meaning of rainbow colors?

Red – passion, vibrancy
Orange – creativity, joy
Yellow – hope, wisdom
Green – growth, harmony
Blue – peace, spirituality
Indigo – intuition, mysticism
Violet – magic, dreams

What does a rainbow symbolize in dreams?

Seeing a rainbow in dreams symbolizes hope, positive change, or the end of hardship. It reassures that blessings lie ahead and to have faith. Each rainbow color also has specific meaning – red for strong emotions/love, yellow for intellect, green for learning lessons.

Are double rainbows good luck or bad luck?

Double rainbows are overwhelmingly considered good luck and harbingers of blessings across cultures. In some isolated folklore, such as certain Native American tribes, they were seen as bad omens only when appearing over land rather than water. But in general, they are remarkably fortunate signs.

How rare are double rainbows?

Double rainbows occur much less frequently than single rainbows. Exact statistics are limited, but scientists estimate double rainbows may appear only once every 50-100 rainbow sightings. Increased rainfall and sunlight are required to create the optical conditions. So appreciate them when you can!

Do double rainbows signify an engagement or marriage?

No definitive evidence shows double rainbows symbolize pending nuptials or proposals. However, due to their themes of wholeness, unity, and commitment, they certainly reinforce lasting romantic bonds. If you see a double rainbow with a partner, it can’t hurt to drop hints about your future!

Can a rainbow really have an end or pot of gold?

Scientifically, rainbows are optical circular arcs so they do not have actual ends. Light refracts back into the sky. However, in myths and spiritual symbols, the rainbow bridge connects our world with the divine realm – where treasures of wisdom, grace, and enlightenment await.

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